Some stores in Dartmouth opened at 1 AM this morning for Black Friday, but many customers were waiting in line hours before.

Crowds at Best Buy in Dartmouth began wrapping around the building at 8 PM last night. Shopper, Alex Atkinson tells WBSM News he woke up extra early on Thursday to be first in line.

"This is my first time actually like waiting out this long... I've done it before but not this long. I think its extreme...I've been here since 5:30 this morning which is way too early," Atkinson says.

While some stores advertised opening at 5 pm on Thanksgiving, the earliest stores in Dartmouth could open was 1 AM on Friday.

Not all line-goers were in it just for the great deals, however.

Tiago Mimoso says he waited in line outside Target with his friends just for fun.

"I mean, you save a little bit of money but it's more of the experience you have coming together... You know, we're not really wasting our Thanksgiving. It's at night, so its something great," Mimoso says.