Dartmouth Police are seeking a suspect who allegedly pulled a knife on someone during a recent incident at a shopping center.

Police shared the photo of the suspect on the department Facebook page Sunday morning, stating that the young male suspect allegedly pulled a knife on someone at the Dartmouth Towne Center plaza.

In the surveillance footage image, the suspect appears to have been wearing a white t-shirt, green drawstring sweatpants, and black footwear that may have been black slide sandals with black socks.

Dartmouth Police Department via Facebook
Dartmouth Police via Facebook

In the DPD’s typical fashion of roasting suspects, the department riffed on the fact that, in the surveillance photo, the young man appears to have his hands down his pants.

“Though we're fairly certain that he wasn't reaching for the knife when this picture was obtained, we will use this as a teaching moment,” the department wrote. “Lesson No. 1: If hiding a knife in the front of your drawers, pull it out VERY carefully, with the sharp edge pointing away from your kibble and bits.”

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Anyone with information on the suspect’s identity is asked to contact Detective Kyle Costa at (508) 910-1755, or you can send a private message via Facebook or send an anonymous tip on the Dartmouth Police website.

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