To the gentleman who took the time to remove a hazardous piece of wood from the roadway: I salute you, sir.

Honestly, how many times has this happened to you? You're driving around town or in the city and there's debris in the road. Whether you're on a side road or the highway, chances are, you're going to swerve right around it. Eventually, some poor schmuck is going to hit whatever is laying in the road and it's either going to mess up their car or, even worse, injure them.

Again, what does it matter? It's not your trash in the middle of the road, and as long as you can get past it, life goes on.

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Thankfully, there's a gentleman who decided to restore faith once again in humanity by taking the time to get out of his vehicle on Route 6, adjacent to Dartmouth Mall, and remove a plank of wood that could easily have caused damage if it were hit to the side of the road.

Katrina Desroches, a dispatcher for Dartmouth Police Department, noticed this selfless act and decided to shine a little light of appreciation with a Facebook post:

"As I was stopped at a red light near the mall I saw this young man pull over and begin removing some hazardous debris from the roadway, putting it off to the side of the road," Desroches wrote. "He could’ve driven by it as everyone else was but he decided to stop and put himself in harm’s way to make the road safe for everyone else. I don’t know who this young man is but I thought he deserved some recognition for this kind act."

Courtesy Dartmouth Police Department
Courtesy Dartmouth Police Department

Desrochers hit the nail on the head (not to be punny, as this is a serious hazard) and I couldn't agree more. A job well done by both parties: the DPD for giving recognition and the mystery man who, like Desrochers put it, could have easily kept driving.

However, as considerate as this man was, be advised that you're putting your life at risk by exiting your vehicle in the middle of a busy roadway, so please be cautious and make sure the surrounding area is safe. This man waited until there was a red light before performing his good deed.

Whoever he is, he deserves a pat on the back for doing what most wouldn't:

Putting others first.

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