DARTMOUTH (WBSM) — Dartmouth Police have announced that a plane that was thought to have possibly crashed in Dartmouth had instead landed safely in Plymouth.

In a post to the Dartmouth Police Facebook page Saturday afternoon, Chief Brian P. Levesque stated that earlier in the day, police “received numerous inquiries regarding a downed airplane in Dartmouth.”

“Information regarding this report was forwarded to us after the New Bedford Airport lost contact with the transponder of a small airplane, whose last location was near Round Hill Beach in Dartmouth,” Levesque wrote.

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According to police, loss of contact with a transponder could have meant that the transponder was malfunctioning, that the pilot turned it off, or that the airplane crashed.

“Out of an abundance of caution, assets were deployed to search the area where contact with the airplane was lost,” Levesque wrote.

However, Levesque said Dartmouth Police were notified that the plane had landed safely in Plymouth, and that contact with the transponder was lost when “the pilot dropped below turbulent weather in order to safely fly.”

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