Jack Spillane doesn't pull any punches, whether is in his columns in the online publication, New Bedford Light, or speaking with me on the Townsquare Sunday program on WBSM. Spillane stops by every few weeks to share his perspectives on the top news stories of the day.

Both Spillane and I watched closely the vote in Dartmouth on whether to remove the "Indian" logo and name from sports teams at Dartmouth High School. Those who voted were loud and clear about their feelings; by a four-to-one margin, townspeople voted to retain the nickname "Indians" and the Native American logo at the high school.

The controversy is not over, however. It's still unclear whether the Dartmouth School Committee will follow the will of the voters, or move to change the logo. As Spillane reminded me this week, it was a non-binding ballot question, meaning the school committee is not required to follow the will of the voters. Spillane would also like to see Dartmouth High School students have a say on the issue.

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Neither Spillane nor I liked the tone of the "Defend Dartmouth" group that organized the effort to keep the logo. In their statement after their victory, they pledged to recall any school committee member who pushes to have the logo changed. Heavy-handed, to say the least.

Spillane also spoke this week about what he and others feel is a shift in the philosophy at the UMass Dartmouth College of Visual and Performing Arts in the Star Store building in Downtown New Bedford.

Some in the arts community feel the university is de-emphasizing fine arts like ceramics, weaving and jewelry-making and placing more emphasis on technology-related areas, like fashion and gaming design. Spillane feels that shift could impact the New Bedford arts community in the long run.

You can read Jack Spillane's column at newbedfordlight.org. His radio interview is available here:

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