The Arts were WBSM’s Mini Miracle family in December of 2019. Eleanor Art is a six-year-old girl who had her last chemotherapy treatment back in April of 2020. She “fought like a kid and won." Make-A-Wish wanted to help Ellie have the best summer ever.

Ellie’s mom, Audrey Art, shared this video with us from The Franchise Group on Vimeo. Most kids request for something like a trip to Disney, or to meet a famous idol. Ellie simply asked for a renovated camper van.

“Ellie’s Wish was granted. The big reveal was beyond incredible. Ellie wished for a “vintage renovated camper van” so that she could be in the wilderness with her family. Ellie truly enjoys being in nature and she’s fascinated by bugs. Unfortunately, due to the effects of her treatment, she was often stuck inside for the past two years. Her Wish Coordinator, Hannah from Make-A-Wish Massachusetts and Rhode Island, set out to see what she could deliver. She was an incredible presence in our lives for the past year as she worked closely with us to bring Ellie’s Wish to fruition. She worked hard coming up with ideas and on a whim reached out to Riverside RV Manufacturing and informed them of Ellie’s Wish and they said yes without hesitation! They designed Ellie’s dream camper and she got the first of the production line of the new “231 Ellie Art Bunk House” with a logo specially designed for her. It’s beyond what we ever dreamed of.”

Jennifer Lima Photography
Jennifer Lima Photography

The Arts are now looking forward to their first family camping adventure. “We can’t wait to get on the road and get Ellie in all the oceans, lakes, rivers and out on hikes, getting dirty and riding bikes!”

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