Greg Desrosiers/TSM[/caption]Dartmouth celebrated its 350th birthday in style Sunday afternoon.

Beards, music, fireworks and cake were the highlights of the celebration held at Apponagansett Park.

Local elected officials were on hand to reflect on the history of such an old town. Bristol County Sheriff Tom Hodgson says the celebration is a time to look back at the town's accomplishments...

Greg Desrosiers/TSM[/caption]The festivities also included the judging of the beard contest held by the Brothers of the Brush. Winners in each catagory left with a trophy and a smile.

Categories included: Longest Beard, Neatest Beard, Most Distinguished Beard, Best Mustachio, Best Fu Man Chu, Best Goatee, Best Peach Fuzz, Unique Facial Hair, Best Abe Lincoln, Best Grizzly Bear, Best Santa Claus, and Ugliest Beard.

Greg Desrosiers/TSM[/caption]

Greg Desrosiers/TSM - "Best Santa Claus"[/caption]

Greg Desrosiers/TSM - "Best Abe Lincoln"[/caption]There was also plenty of live music by local bands and lots of tasty treats.

Greg Desrosiers/TSM[/caption]

Greg Desrosiers/TSM - The Dartmouth Middle School Drama Club re-enacted the incorporation of Dartmouth during the festivities.[/caption]

Greg Desrosiers/TSM - Dartmouth Select Board Chairperson Mike Watson with Dartmouth 350th design winner DHS junior Lydia Furtado.[/caption]