Matthew Daniels has had financial struggles in the past which lead to him at one point being evicted from an apartment.

However, Daniels tells WBSM's Brian Thomas he has overcome those difficulties and believes his campaign for an at-large seat on the city council could serve as an example for a city overcoming economic hardship.

"I have tenacity, I went from nothing, to building back up and I want to show the city that, don't lose hope, if you're stuck in a financial hole you can dig yourself out of it and I want to set an example," said Daniels.

Daniels also says he wants to see more done to provide jobs locally so college educated people can live and work in new bedford. Daniels is one of ten candidates running for five seats in the november 3rd election.

Daniels also wants to see more jobs and economic growth in the city and he says one way to achieve that is to have all the various local entrepeneurial agencies working together.

"I'd like to see everybody work together in one location, even if we can get it once a month, or something of that nature, just to get people with ideas for businesses to get on the track to opening them," said Daniels.

Daniels also says something needs to be done about the tax rate and that the City Council needs to get more creative wth Tax increment financing and other approaches to help lower the tax burden.

"The problem is we have a 47 percent home ownership rate, so you're not getting alot of taxes from the housing stock," said Daniels "you have more people using city services than are paying into taxes, so the businesses take the brunt of the gap to make up for it."

Daniels is one of ten candidates vying for five Council-At-Large seats.

The election in New Bedford is November 3.

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