Though they won, 117-109 over the Minnesota Timberwolves, and clinched a fourth consecutive playoff birth Thursday night, the Boston Celtics got quite the scare

Towards the end of the third quarter, Boston's second year star, Jaylen Brown, went coast-to-coast for a ferocious, fast break dunk.

After completing the dunk, Brown, whose momentum was pulling him forward, let go of the rim and fell to the court. As the 21-year-old hit the floor he landed on his upper back, hitting his head and neck.

Brown lay stiff on the court for several moments, following the blow, and looked very concussed.

After some time, with the medical staff tending to him, the high flying guard was able to stand up and walk off the court under his own power.

Following the game, both Brown and the Celtics tweeted out heartfelt thanks for all of the support being sent his way.

There are no further details, at this time, regarding the severity of Brown's injury. While his post was optimistic, it seems safe to say the C's will be without the up-and-coming star for at least a few games.


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