On October 14, the U.S. celebrated the federal holiday of Columbus Day with the commemoration of the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the Americas in 1492.

According to various news sources, the statue of Columbus in Providence, R.I. was vandalized with red paint from head to toe. An elected official, City Councilwoman Kat Kerwin, told NBC 10 that she supported the defacing of the statue because it’s begun a conversation that Rhode Island was in need of.

She went on WPRO radio and a local host asked Ms. Kerwin if she was serious about approving the vandalizing of the public statue. She shamelessly said yes, she supported whoever poured red paint, from head to toe, over the Columbus statue – in fact, she thought it was good for society because it created a healthy dialogue.

By this time, I couldn’t contain my emotions, as tears flowed down my face. No, not out of disgust or disbelief that a public servant would say something as imbecilic as this, but the tears came out of thigh-slapping laughter that this mental giant used the science of deduction to reach this rationale.

I must confess that when I finished reading the bizarre story of this Providence councilwoman siding with the vandals in this crime, I wondered if she’d also side with the criminals if they vandalized her home? Anyway, I suppose I should thank Ms. Kerwin for being the reason behind one of the best belly laughs I’ve had in a while.

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