The Rhode Island parks department is speaking out after several illegally posted signs turned up on trees at a popular Blackstone Valley spot.

At Lincoln Woods State Park in Lincoln, two signs discriminating against Spanish, Latino, and Black people have been screwed into trees along hiking paths and in recreational areas.

Photo Credit: Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management
Photo Credit: Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management

Although the signs state they're posted by the Rhode Island Division of Parks and Recreation, the department told Fun 107 Thursday it is not responsible for them. In a social media post later in the day, the state Department of Environmental Management called the signs "hateful" and "racist."

The statement read in part:

It’s particularly sad that vandals have targeted Lincoln Woods, Rhode Island’s first state park, which since 1909 has existed to afford “the greatest good for the greatest number.” DEM strongly condemns racism and discrimination, and our Division of Law Enforcement is investigating these acts of malicious and criminal vandalism. Rhode Island’s State Parks and natural spaces are for everyone to recreate and enjoy.

Rhode Island Parks and Recreation Department made it very clear that any sign posted or hung up anywhere on the property will be taken down and dealt with by Rhode Island Environmental Police.

Whoever posted the signs appears to have had intentions of keeping them up as long as possible by using two star head screws and four hex head screws.

Anyone with information on the vandalism can call the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management at (401) 222-3070. Anonymous tips will be accepted.

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