Less than a month after a New Bedford man was crushed to death by his own car, the City Council is looking to increase enforcement of laws against repairing cars on city streets. 

During Thursday night's meeting, Councilor at Large Brian Gomes filed a motion requesting "...any vehicle being repaired or left unattended on car jacks on City streets be towed immediately at the owners expense; and further, that the City Council create a fine for those in violation of the City Ordinance..."

"It is not legal to repair cars on New Bedford streets," Gomes said. "I understand working on your own car because of the cost of sending it to a service station or whatever, but it has to be in proper form."

Gomes said the issue has become a safety and environmental concern and plans to get all public safety departments involved in enforcement.

The motion has been referred to the City Council's Committee on Ordinances for further discussion.

Also discussed during Thursday's meeting was permitting Shellfish Wardens to carry service weapons.

According to Ward 6 Councilor Joe Lopes, that right was banned earlier this month but officials are working to determine what will be allowed to be carried on a person at any given time, and a decision is expected withing the next few weeks.

The motion, filed by Lopes and Gomes, states there is a need for properly licensed individuals to be armed because "the Shellfish Warden's job requires them to be out in the Harbor alone patrolling at all hours of the day and night enforcing shellfish and fishing laws and dealing with all kinds of situations of enforcement."

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