When we first moved to our new home in the forest, it took some getting used to how far away we lived from civilization. Not only did we not live near a Cumberland Farms to grab a quick gallon of milk, but we didn't live in the delivery area of any pizza places and the nearest Dunks was miles away.

We got used to calling home and asking if anyone needed anything before we made the trek back from wherever we were.

After settling into the neighborhood, I began a campaign to convince Papa Gino's in Fairhaven to deliver to us. It was successful, and the neighborhood joked that the real estate values of our homes just went up several thousand dollars.

In all seriousness, something can be said for quality of life increasing for avid customers who live near a Dunkin' location. Many people on the SouthCoast visit Dunkin' daily, sometimes even multiple times in one day. While I'm not sure if living near a Dunkin' would necessarily increase the value of your home, it very well could increase the quality of life for the right person.

We searched the Dunkin' site and sorted the restaurants by location. Here are all of the SouthCoast towns ranked by the number of Dunkin' spots in each.

If you are in the market for a new home and you are a megafan of Dunkin', we're hoping this will make your home search a little easier.

SouthCoast Towns Rated by Dunkin' Locations

Here's how many Dunkin' locations are in each SouthCoast town.

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