Though Greater Boston is aptly perceived as a hub of innovation and progressive thought, it is arguably the U.S. major metro region most desperately in need of a transportation and infrastructure overhaul.

Prior to the pandemic, Greater Boston had the worst traffic congestion in the country, costing Boston commuters thousands individually in expenses and costing the Greater Boston economy over $4 billion annually.

Commuters from the SouthCoast to Boston have fully experienced this hardship and are among those most heavily impacted by the Commonwealth's dated transit system and policies.

If you are one of those commuters, Chris Dempsey, Director of Transportation for Massachusetts, understands your plight and wants to make your daily commute easier. Transportation for Massachusetts is a coalition of over 100 organizations that are advocating for comprehensive reforms at the local, state, and federal level to create a system of transit and infrastructure that is equitable for all Commonwealth residents and fosters economic growth.

This issue has always been an interest of mine. It was the subject of one of my early WBSM columns, and I was recently joined by Rep. Jake Auchincloss (MA-4) to discuss his work on the House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. So I was thrilled that Dempsey took the time to join me on air to discuss these reforms.

Dempsey has complete knowledge of the SouthCoast's traffic system and our commuter's struggle to connect to the Greater Boston Area. We discussed the promise of South Coast Rail and its long-awaited arrival in 2023, time-of-day pricing that will encourage off-peak commuting and free up space on the highways, and micromobilty, which is the integration of lightweight vehicles such as bikes and scooters on our local roadways.

There is a lot of work ahead, but adopting the reforms that advocates like Dempsey are fighting for will mean a Commonwealth that is fully interconnected, providing an opportunity for economic growth, housing, and leisure across all of its regions. Dempsey and I had a truly fascinating conversation, you can listen to it here:

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