FAIRHAVEN — U.S. Congressman William Keating and his Republican challenger Peter Tedeschi faced each other in the WBSM studio on Tuesday in the race for Massachusetts' 9th Congressional District.

Keating is seeking his fifth term in Congress, and Tedeschi is an area businessman and investor. The debate focused on foreign policy.

In his opening statement, Keating said the current tariffs are affecting local companies and businesses, such as the cranberry industry and Aerovox.

Tedeschi opened by pointing out that Keating has served four terms in Congress and he favors term limits. He said if elected, he would only serve three terms.

The candidates were also asked when it is appropriate to send U.S. troops into combat situations.  Tedeschi said, "The number one responsibility of elected officials is to keep the citizens safe. So if there is a threat to the interests of the United States, or of harm coming to our country or to the people of this country."

In his response, Keating said, "I believe Congress should adopt an authorization for use of military force and people are walking away. But that is the role of Congress."

Both candidates agreed on the importance of a relationship with China when it comes to the U.S. economy and security. They also touched on the treaty situation with Russia and approaches to the caravan of Hondurans.

During the debate, issues were addressed, but there was no mud-slinging between the two candidates.


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