A pair of New Bedford traffic lights are causing some confusion.

At the intersection of County and Rivet streets downtown, you may have encountered a dilemma: Do you stay or do you go?

Although these photos don't do it justice, these side-by-side traffic lights are actually meant to be facing different streets. I'm no traffic engineer but these lights seem to be too close for comfort, and it might not be immediately obvious which one to give attention.

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Here is another view from Google Maps:

Google Maps

A New Bedford resident brought this to my attention after he was left puzzled at the lights, which showed different colors. He was unsure whether to yield, stop or go.

Mikey "Mohawk" Tavares, who frequently finds himself at the intersection, put it this way: "I was like, 'What do I do?'"

A Facebook commenter had a suggestion on why these lights might be confusing people.

"Signal light got hit and twisted the pole," Carlos Amaral said.

These two lights may need some adjustment so as to not confuse visitors to the area. Hopefully, it doesn't take an accident to bring it to the city's attention.

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