Consultants hired by the City of New Bedford this week offered plans for a new-look waterfront in the city, spelling out some changes for the city's struggling fishing industry.

The plans call for mixed use at the State Pier, with the fish auction house located there, along with the ferry terminal and commercial shops.

No matter what the changes, seafood consultant Jim Kendall is hoping New Bedford never loses sight of what the industry means to the city.

"We're the only true fishing port left on the East Coast. Gloucester is only a shell of itself, the same with Boston. We know that we are a changing industry, but to be a vanishing industry is something I don't think anyone wants to see," said Kendall.

Kendall says when other ports have located commercial ventures on fishing piers, it isn't long before someone is complaining about the smells associated with fishing and other aspects of a working waterfront that might be unpleasant. Kendall says its not always a good fit.

The report also spells out plans for the North Terminal area which would be earmarked for fishing boats and processing houses. The north terminal would also be in line for 15-hundred linear feet of new bulkhead that would allow for more activity there.

Kendall says he hopes the city will listen to the concerns of the fishing industry before making wholesale changes.