Incumbent City Councilor Deborah Coelho says the city should be recruiting and investing in green energy companies to boost the economy and create jobs.

Coelho told WBSM's Brian Thomas, New Bedford has a lot to offer and is doing a good job of reaching out. "I think there's a lot of new companies that need space, there's a lot of green technology, and I think we're really on to something." said Coelho. "New Bedford is still affordable," she said.

Coelho says she will continue to support separate tax rates in New Bedford for residential and commercial property owners.

Coelho says she's opposed to shifting a larger tax burden on residential taxpayers, saying they're already paying enough. That places more of the tax burden on businesses but Coelho says she's willing to meet with business owners to discuss how the city can help them.

"I like the idea of coming in to a committee meeting, and discuss with the Council what their needs are, and to see what the city can offer to meet those needs."

Coelho is one of ten candidates running for Councilor At Large. Five will be elected on November 3rd.

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