CNN drama queen Jim Acosta says Trump rally attendees who jeered him in Florida this week behaved in an un-American way by expressing their views of the once-glorious cable network.

Tired of slanted news coverage and never-ending Trump bashing, the President's supporters have been making their feelings about CNN known at rallies all across the fruited plain. CNN is trying to have it both ways. But here's the rub: you cannot insist that you have a First Amendment right to report on the Trump Administration, but whine when Trump supporters push back.

Donald Trump Holds Make America Great Again Rally In Tampa
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The reception Acosta received at the Florida rally was brutal, but tough cookies snowflake. It comes with the territory.

The anti-Trump media thinks it has some kind of gold card that allows it to do and say what it wishes about the Administration, and the American people are not allowed to push back? The left can protest Trump, but Trump supporters are not allowed to protest the leftist media? I must have missed that memo.

If CNN wants to brand itself as the voice of the resistance, than it best prepare for pushback from those who don't buy into its mission.

Fasten your seat belt, cupcake, the ride is about the get bumpier still.

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