The New Bedford City Council passed two motions during Thursday night's meeting addressing the long-standing issue of illegal peddlers on city streets. 

Local florists have been some of the hardest hit businesses from these illegal sales, which often take place around major gifting holidays such as Mother's Day and Valentine's Day.

Connie Pereira owns Abracadabra Flowers and Gift Services in the North End and attended Thursday's meeting. She says she doesn't mind the competition, she just want's it to be legitimate.

"Any of the florists in this city do a good job, sell a good product, pay taxes to the city and they shouldn't be competing with somebody that's just taking a table and using a sidewalk to sell a product," Pereira said.

Councilors agreed that the Peddling License Laws currently on the books lack enforcement and need to be "tweaked."

Some also mentioned how peddlers often obtain one license and then photocopy it and distribute it to peddlers in other parts of the city.

The Council has invited Police Chief David Provencher to attend the next Committee on Ordinances meeting to discuss some of the ways the city can crack down on illegal peddlers.

As for the cost of enforcement, Councilor at Large Linda Morad said during the discussion that the city "can probably pay for the police detail with fines collected on the streets."