Parents, students and staff members of the City on a Hill Charter School in New Bedford are invited to a forum Tuesday to get questions answered about their future.

The school's Board of Trustees announced a week ago it was closing City on a Hill at the end of the school year.

CEO Kevin Taylor told WBSM's Brian Thomas he'll be at the forum Tuesday night along with representatives from the Department of Education to answer questions about the closing and outline future educational options for students.

"We believe this is in the best interest of families," said Taylor. "We hope families can leave that forum on Tuesday feeling better. We're not saying they're going to feel great, and we're not saying they're going to be happy, but hopefully, they'll feel better about the opportunities that await them."

City on a Hill Charter School currently serves 143 students. Taylor admitted the school failed to build the appropriate connections with the New Bedford community when it first opened its doors six years ago. He said enrollment never reached the levels expected. Tuesday's forum will start at 5 p.m. inside the charter school, 384 Acushnet Avenue.

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