Enjoying an alcoholic beverage at a New Bedford Bay Sox game this season is close to becoming a reality.

Though the New Bedford City Council's Committee on City Property chose to table the land transfer of Paul Walsh Field from the School Department to the Department of Facilities and Fleet Management Wednesday night, it appears the transfer will be approved after the committee reconvenes next week.

According to Ward 6 Councilor Joe Lopes who sits on the committee, they will meet Tuesday, May 24, at 7PM to recommend the land be transferred to the Committee on City Property for the duration of the 2016 Bay Sox season.

Since it is illegal for the sale or consumption of alcohol on school property, the School Department must transfer ownership of the baseball field to the city.

Since the School Committee has already submitted the land transfer and the City's Licensing Board has already approved the Bay Sox Alohol control policy and site plan specifications of the sale of beer and wine at 2016 home games, Lopes said the final step if for the City to receive the property.

The final hurdle is the City actually taking ownership of the land and that's where we are right now," Lopes said.

The sale and consumption of beer and wine will be confined to a fenced-off area less than 3,000 sq. ft. with a small bleacher section and picnic tables.

The committee will also recommend the initial lease be for only 90 days in order to assess how effective the team's policies are before moving forward.

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