New Bedford Police Chief Joseph Cordeiro was among a number of Massachusetts police chiefs that took part in a roundtable meeting in Boston Thursday with U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Gang violence and the opioid crisis were among the topics discussed. Chief Cordeiro said he was "really impressed" with Sessions' candor, calling him a "down-to-earth individual" and said the meeting was very encouraging.

"What resonated, what I found impressive and very close to my heart is his support for police officers across the country," Cordeiro said. "And his empathy with the challenges facing modern policing today, and the support he was offering us."

Cordeiro said what he took away from the roundtable was two-fold--that he got to hear Sessions speak and hear his thoughts, but also got to hear all of his colleagues voicing their opinions and experiences. He thinks that will resonate with the Attorney General as well.

"He's going to take that back with him, and in some way, shape or form it will help him with his decision-making going forward," Cordeiro said.

Cordeiro said he's glad to have spent time with the Attorney General, although he said New Bedford Police have "an incredible relationship" with all federal law enforcement already.

"From the DEA to ATF to Homeland Security, so on and so forth, all those acronyms, we've had an incredible experience working with them," he said. "We're really able to have what we call a 'force multiplier.' We're able to multiply our resources with theirs, and we have good synergy, almost a symphony of working together."

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