The Boston Celtics have put together an impressive first half of the 2015-16 NBA season. As they approach the trade deadline, growing speculation has surrounded the team as they look to make upgrades that could help them in the postseason and beyond.

Some of the latest rumors regarding the C's potential deadline moves have centered on big men Dwight Howard of the Houston Rockets and Al Horford of the Atlanta Hawks. While the rumors have been passed around, a new Boston Globe report is seemingly putting the thought of  those two guys dawning the green and white to rest.

The report claims that league sources have said that the team is unlikely to make a deal for either Howard or Horford, because they don't plan to mortgage their future for players who have the ability to walk at season's end.

Both Howard, 30, and Horford, 29, have deals that will run out at the end of the season making them free agents. So, rightfully so, the C's wouldn't want to give up potential high draft picks or quality players with year of control for guys who will be with the club for just a few months.

The report goes on to say that the club has almost no interest in trading for Howard anymore. The 7-footer has had a history of back injuries and a questionable attitude over the years, which has caused him to bounce around the league a bit. Also, he is no longer considered a player that could be used to help attract other high profile free agents to join forces on a team, as he might have been in the past.

Horford is a more attractive move for Boston, as they feel he could gel well with the team and like the way he plays the game. The big snag seems to be the impending free agency, however.

If a deal could be reached where Horford agrees to sign an extension to stay in Boston, maybe something could work out. With that unknown, however, both deals seem unlikely.




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