FALL RIVER — Cathy Ann Viveiros joined the Barry Richard Show on Monday to discuss her decision on becoming a write-in candidate for Mayor of Fall River.

Viveiros, who is the City Administrator for Fall River, announced her candidacy earlier this month for the November 5th election. Her announcement came after Mayor Jasiel Correia stepped down from his position as Mayor and suspended his campaign following federal indictments.

Mayoral Candidate Paul Coogan has been Correia's main opponent, but Viveiros's announcement throws an interesting twist into the upcoming election.

"By the time the mayor decided to step aside as mayor and end his campaign, it was too late. His name was already scheduled to appear on the ballot," said Viveiros.

"I felt it was very important that people had a choice in the upcoming election, so a write-in candidacy it was," added Viveiros.

Viveiros was appointed City Administrator under former Mayor William Flanagan. After Flanagan was recalled in 2014, Viveiros remained in her position during the Samuel Sutter tenure. Once Mayor Jasiel Correia won his election, he decided to keep Viveiros as well.

"I've been able to provide that steady hand and that leadership over the past six years even though we have had three different mayors," said Viveiros.

Not long before Mayor Jasiel Correia had stepped down, a leaked comment from one of Correia's fundraisers seemed to suggest that a third candidate was going to come about in an attempt to split the vote. Many have speculated that Viveiros is that candidate.

"The reality is, I've been very clear that I would not run for the office if I was campaigning against my boss," said Viveiros.

"I have been very consistent that it was not going to happen and it did not happen, until the mayor stepped aside as mayor and ended his campaign," added Viveiros.

While it may seem that being a write-in ballot candidate could be difficult for Viveiros, she is no stranger to the political scene. This will be her sixth bid for mayor of Fall River.

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