Federal prosecutors have indicted New Bedford fishing magnate Carlos Rafael and a Bristol County Sheriff's Office Deputy.

Rafael was indicted on 27 counts, for charges including conspiracy, false entries, and bulk cash smuggling. Rafael, owner of Carlos Seafood in New Bedford, is accused of submitting falsified reports of fish species his boats had caught, and selling excess fish to out of state buyers. The indictment states Rafael falsely reported the species of 815,000 pounds of fish to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric administration from 2012 to 2016.

Also indicted is Sheriff Deputy Antonio Freitas of Taunton. Freitas is charged with two counts, one for bulk cash smuggling and another for international structuring. The indictment says Freitas assisted Rafael with smuggling cash through Logan International Airport.

The indictment states if Rafael is convicted on any counts against him, the government will pursue forfeiture of thirteen of Rafael's boats and their commercial fishing permits.

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