NEW BEDFORD - A confrontation between a failed City Council candidate and a councilor's brother spilled onto the steps of New Bedford City Hall Tuesday night.

Ward Two candidate Carlos Felix, who had lost in the preliminary election earlier in the night, began cursing at Richie Gomes inside the election office after Felix claimed Gomes had been mocking him. Felix was escorted outside of City Hall.

Soon afterward, shouting could be heard from outside. WBSM News was on hand after Felix claimed Gomes punched him in the face. A police officer, who said he did not witness the alleged assault, was trying to calm Felix down when Felix turned his rage toward the officer.

"I don't trust you. You're not trustworthy. You watched a man punch me in the face," said Felix to the officer. His comments then turned into yelling. "This is what's wrong with the city! You are a coward, and people like you are a coward!"

Felix continued to make allegations against the police officer:

Felix: Because you dislike me you look the other way. And it makes you, sir, a coward and what's wrong with the city. Police like you, that go by problems everyday and look the other way! That guy punched me in the face!

Officer: Carlos, I'm telling you, if you keep yelling and screaming I'm going to lock you up.

Felix claimed to have video of the alleged assault, but did not provide it to reporters at the scene.

Felix also claimed he was going to file a report against the officer and take the matter against Gomes to court.

Richie Gomes is the brother of longtime Councilor at Large, Brian Gomes.

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