The Cardi family shared a post on their Cardi's Furniture & Mattresses Facebook page stating the sad news that their mother, Marion Cardi, passed away in their arms on July 6.

She was 100 years old.

Countless people are sharing their condolences and prayers, expressing their grief along with Marion's sons Pete and Ron and their families. Their brother Nick passed away in 2019.

"We celebrate the life of our mother, Marion Cardi. Mom passed away peacefully today at the age of 100 plus a month and a bit, in our arms," the family wrote.

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The Cardi family said everyone Marion met, without exception, loved her – and she loved them.

"Our wish and hopes are that you had or have someone like our Mom in your life," the family expressed.

For decades, especially at Christmas time, Marion Cardi would join her sons Nick, Ron and Pete – collectively known as NI-RO-PE – in commercials, and became an instant darling of the airwaves, sprouting an immense and loyal fan base.

The family mentioned that at this time, they won't try to tell their mother's remarkable story in a post; however, over the years of getting to know the Cardi brothers, their history is a rich one that started in 1928.

Now a third generation family business known for superior customer service and same-day delivery, Cardi's Furniture & Mattresses has partnered with countless charitable causes, including Schwartz School-Meeting Street, joining WBSM and Fun 107 each year in that endeavor.

The brothers say since they were eight or nine years old, their parents taught them two important jobs in their industry: dusting and polishing furniture.

There are no details of the funeral arrangements yet.

We all extend our deepest sympathies to the Cardi family for their loss.

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