NEW BEDFORD - A 71-year-old New Bedford woman is being charged after an accident that forced a parked car into a North End restaurant.

New Bedford Police say around 6:20 Thursday evening, officers responded to the accident at Pa Raffa's on Ashley Boulevard.

Police say the woman's car struck a southbound car as she headed north on Ashley Boulevard, several blocks before the well-known Italian restaurant.

The woman continued driving and then struck a parked car in front of Pa Raffa's. The force of the crash caused the parked car to plow into the takeout area of Pa Raffa's, hitting and injuring a 45-year-old New Bedford woman who was waiting for her food. The female victim was transported to St. Luke's Hospital with minor injuries.

The 71-year-old driver is charged with leaving the scene of an accident and an immediate threat of revocation of her license will be sent to the Registry of Motor Vehicles.

Pa Raffa's shared a brief message on their Facebook page after the accident.