Falmouth resident Gregg Penta created Cape Kids Fish Club in 2014 alongside his good friend Keri Gelnett to bring the kids of Cape Cod together. When Gelnett passed earlier this year of pancreatic cancer, Penta knew he wanted to do something special in her honor, and he is proud to offer a free fishing event to children that may be struggling with recent hardships.

The Cape Kids Fish Club is a summer program for children that operates during the summer months and provides fun activities for kids 8 to 15.

“On the Cape, there aren’t a lot of activities for kids to do,” Penta explained. “I thought it would be cool for kids to come together and get some social interaction with one another.”

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When his co-founder passed away, it was heartbreaking. The wounds are still deep for Penta and Gelnett’s family, and Penta found a way to use the organization they created to pay homage to her.

On October 16, Cape Kids Fish Club will hold a fishing event in honor of Gelnett.

“We will be heading out for a day of fall fishing with a group of kids who have either recently lost a parent or have been simply dealing with recent hardships and can benefit from time on the water with peers,” the club posted on Facebook.

“Gelnett left behind a 15-year-old,” Penta said. “That was really tough, so I thought it would be a really good thing to do (this event).”

The event is free of charge and the club is currently looking for deserving children between the ages of eight and 15.

“It doesn’t matter where the kids are from, as long as they can get to the Cape,” Penta said.

Nominate a child through their online form and give them an outlet to deal with their grief.

Gelnett will live on through this thoughtful and inclusive program as Penta hopes to bring back this fall event annually.

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