Maybe you made too many trips to the dessert table over Christmas and feel like some outdoor exercise would be just what the doctors ordered. The problem is that is freezing outside, but don’t worry the Mayo Clinic says outdoor exercise in the cold weather is safe for almost everyone if you take safety precautions.

If you have certain conditions, like asthma, heart problems or Raynaud’s disease, the Mayo Clinic says to consult with your doctor first before exercising outside.

Make sure you check the weather conditions and the wind chill before starting your exercise program.

If you are venturing out, make sure your skin is covered as frostbite can happen on exposed skin within 30 minutes or less in freezing temperatures. The Mayo Clinic says to immediately get out of the cold if you expect frostbite and allow the warmth to slowly warm the affected area. Don’t rub it because that can damage your skin.

Unless you have weather-proof gear avoid exercising in wet weather because you are increasing your risk of hypothermia.The Mayo Clinic warned if you are soaked, you may not be able to keep your core body temperature high enough.

Make sure you are dressing in layers, so you can remove them when you start to sweat and put them back on as need. The first layer should be made of synthetic material and avoid cotton as when it gets wet it stays next to your skin.

You should always make sure your head, hands, feet, and ears are covered to prevent frostbite. Make are wearing safety gear and sunscreen to protect against the sun’s rays.

Hydration is also important in the winter months to make sure you don’t dehydrate.


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