The Buzzards Bay Coalition will be holding their annual Buzzards Bay Watershed Ride on Sunday.

Event Manager Deborah Hood tells WBSM News that the race will have four starting points along the route which begins in Little Compton, R.I. and ends at the Marine Biological laboratory in Woods Hole.

"The furthest away is Sakonnet Point in Little Compton, R.I., then Horseneck Beach in Westport, also Eastover Farm in Rochester, and then the top of the Shining Sea [Bikeway in Falmouth]," said Hood.

Hood says this approach will allow people of varying levels to participate and give them options as to how long or short their ride is.

"It's definitely not a race, it's a ride," said Hood "it's a beatiful coastal route and folks can start out with eleven miles, they can do 35, 75, and new this is our 100 mile or 'Century Ride' which is very popular this year."

Hood says this one of the group's biggest fundraisers and allows participants to better connect with the waterway that the Coalition is working to perserve and protect.

"It's a special sort of immediate way for people to be out in the environment while they're really connecting with this mission of protecting clean water in the Bay," said Hood "because, although it looks beautiful out there, there are real threats to Buzzards Bay that we need to stay on top of."

More information about the ride can be found here.