Regina Hapgood is the owner of a small business that she operates out of her home in Buzzards Bay called MaDukes Alterations.

Back in 2019, some of her customers who brought their garments for alterations mentioned that they had gowns they would like to donate to those in need. They were just unsure of where to drop off their dresses for them to see a second chance at being worn for a special event.

“I’ve been a foster parent for 10 years,” Hapgood said. “Customers mentioned that they had dresses to donate and I thought of several girls in my care that could use them to enjoy prom. So, it just worked out that way at first. But then there were so many that I knew I could do more.”

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She collected gowns for a while. Most are from within the last three years, but there are a few retro looks from 20 years ago. There was even a major donation filled with dresses from Macy's that fit a more modern style. She was hoping to offer dresses to others in the community when the time came. However, things were quiet in 2020 and 2021 due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Obviously proms weren’t happening at all or on such a small scale, that I don’t think there was enough interest in the dresses at that time,” Hapgood said. “The town of Bourne has always been good to me, so I’m hoping to give back this year in this way.”

Hapgood has approximately 60 gowns in her inventory, ranging in size from zero to 16 to help others celebrate a special night.

“I was unable to go to my high school prom many years ago,” Hapgood said. “Every girl should have the opportunity.”

Hapgood would love for all of those interested in seeing the inventory to call her at (774) 269-1146. You can also send her a Facebook message to arrange and time. Please notify her if you have a gently-loved gown that you would like to donate to the drive.

"Everyone who wants a dress will get a dress," Hapgood said. "No questions asked."

Hapgood mentioned that any dresses that are not used for this year’s season will go into storage and be saved for next year. In addition, if you take a dress and want to donate it back to Hapgood for someone else to use in the future, she will happily accept the return. Otherwise, the dress is yours for you to treasure.

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