It is a great day for talk radio because there is so much going on to discuss. We have a primary election, Supreme Court nominee and Nike sneakers.

There is something for everyone to cheer or complain about today.

The state of Massachusetts is having a primary election today for big and small elected positions, both federal and state.

Democrats have to choose a candidate to run for Governor against the likely GOP nominee, incumbent Charlie Baker.

There is a young challenger to Secretary of State William Galvin today on the ballot. The Democrats have to decide if they want to toss out an incumbent with a solid track record, and replace him with a candidate who is running a negative campaign based on social issues that have nothing to do with the job of Sec. of State.

The Democrats also have a race for State Representative in New Bedford and Acushnet between Rep. Robert Koczera and Attorney Chris Hendricks. That is a tough race to call even today, because both have worked hard to attract votes.

The race that matters in Massachusetts and America is the Republican primary for U.S. Senate. The winner of that race is an instant political celebrity in the GOP because they will be facing off against Sen. Elizebeth Warren.

We also have the first day of the confirmation hearings for Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who has been nominated by President Trump to the Supreme Court. The Democrats are trying to hold all of their senators in line on this vote. They will probably lose some of the senators in swing states that voted for Trump in 2016, and Kavanaugh will be confirmed to a lifetime seat on the top court.

Just as football season is starting, Colin the Kneeler gets an endorsement deal from Nike. I wonder if Nike believes that police officers, and their friends and family, don't buy sporting goods?

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