While the New Bedford City Council was debating what to do with panhandlers, one local business owner decided to put them to work.

Ed Pacheco, owner of the transportation company "Places To Go", pays these panhandlers to walk around with sandwich boards which advertise his business and have a public service announcement.

During an interview with WBSM's Brian Thomas Pacheco described his hiring process.

"I actually just went around to all of the hotspots in the city where I knew they were," said Pacheco "so over by Market Basket, Downtown, on Union Street, all around and I just handed them a card and said 'if you're genuinely looking for work, give me a call.'"

In exchange for the $10 an hour wage and a sandwich, pacheco said his new workers have guidelines that must be followed.

"They're not panhandling, they're not really engaging with the drivers or distracting the drivers, they're not walking in and out of traffic, they're not using drugs or alcohol or anything," said Pacheco.

While saying he's pleased with how things have been going Pacheco says he wants to see other businesses participating.

"My goal was to be able to add other companies, other businesses, to try and pick up the pace with this as well to provide more opportunity," said Pacheco "we actually just added another company that's going to be doing this."

Pacheco says of his three original hires, one has moved on to a more permanant employment opportunity.

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