I'm sure you've seen the video by now, or at least have heard about the perfect proposal on stage at the afternoon commencement ceremony for Bridgewater State University. Josh Tillinghast conspired with President Dana Mohler-Faria to get his girlfriend, Ashley Nelson, up on stage for the big question. The Pennsylvania native thought she was there to be recognized for maintaining a 4.0 throughout her entire career at BSU, which is a wonderful accomplishment in itself! However, Tillinghast had other ideas.

I can't do it justice in text, so you'll have to watch the video. Even then, you will never know the energy that swept under that tent in the two minute event. As soon as the president said, "There is someone else here who wants to ask you a question," she knew it. We all knew it. The cheers and applause for this couple were unlike anything I've ever heard before. I didn't know them from Adam, but I'm a hopeless romantic and I love love. Besides, knowing a fellow Bear was about to embark on an epic adventure with the love of her life was thrilling to witness. 10,000 people witnessed their commitment on Saturday. What a Great Day To Be A Bear!

Congratulations to the happy couple. May God bless your wedding and marriage. 5.16.15 #HePutARingOnIt

(This was also President Dana Mohler-Faria's farewell to his students, as it's his last year in office. He was sure to go out with a bang. Well done DMF!)

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