Growing up, I attended many elementary schools around the country, but I don't recall any of them with a large garden, growing vegetables and such! But Brooks Elementary School in New Bedford is one of two schools about to cultivate edibles and young minds with the creation of school based gardens. Titled Grow Education, the Marion Institute is offering teachers an opportunity to teach about growing food in future outdoor gardens through a series of workshops. The design of the curriculum will incorporate the creation of community/school gardens with the input of experts like agri-designers, farmers and consultants. The first workshop is Tuesday January 21st from 3:30-4:30 pm. It's my opinion that a mission like this should also be tested on the high school level. I believe a grow-education would benefit older students, including the ones who are having difficulty with conventional curriculum. This grow education has worked well for drop out students in Italy. It's an idea that deserves our support. For more information on Grow Education, visit or call the Institute at 508-738-0816.

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