A New York-based creator is catching the eye of SouthCoast locals with his latest video about Cape Cod, with over half-a-million views and counting.

We all know that Cape Cod thrives between the months of May and September, but Dan Toomey decided to promote the other seven months of the year with a little bit of satire and a whole lot of accuracy that may have Cape Codders clutching their pearls.

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Dan Toomey is a writer, comedian, actor and video maker living in Brooklyn who has attracted hundreds of thousands of followers with his relatable skits and wit. His latest idea brought him to the Cape, where he decided to poke fun at the deserted community during the colder months.

"I wrote the idea like a year-and-a-half ago when I was trying to think of a sketch that would work on like SNL or a TV sketch show," Toomey said. "A friend told me, 'Write what you know,' and I know a lot about being cold in a MA winter."

Growing up in Cohasset, he was familiar with the Cape and saw an opportunity for humor.

"I thought about how funny it is that Cape Cod is celebrated as this vacation destination for only like three months out of the year," he said, "so I thought it would be a fun idea to do an ad that tries, and fails, to promote Cape tourism, but in the off-season."

Be warned, locals: You may be triggered by this "ad."

Nothing was off limits in Toomey’s satirical highlight of a wintry Cape Cod.

“To dry, gray beaches to locals chainsmoking outside of a Dunkin’ Donuts, Cape Cod in the winter has some of what you need,” he said in the video.

From cold chowder to mean fishermen, Toomey hits the hot points, but there was one point in the video that I couldn’t help but agree with.

“Hit the links at one of our hundreds of empty mini golf courses,” he said. “Are we in lockdown again? Nope, it’s just January.”

There is no lie here. What’s up with all the mini-golf courses?

Check out Toomey’s view of Cape Cod in the winter and decide: Is he spot on or far off?

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