BOSTON — A Brockton drug dealer who shot and killed a customer and tested heroin on women who were trafficked for sex has been sentenced for his role in a large drug trafficking organization.

The U.S. Attorney's Office said 29-year-old Lutherson Bonheur, known as "Boogs," will spend 19 years in prison and five years on supervised release after his Thursday sentencing.

Bonheur pleaded guilty to multiple conspiracy, firearms, drug possession, and drug distribution charges in October 2020.

He was caught along with four co-conspirators in a November 2015 bust called "Operation Heroin Highway" that took down a large drug and sex trafficking organization in the Brockton area.

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Authorities identified Bonheur's co-conspirator Marvin Antoine as the organization's leader, eventually convicting 10 people in the case.


The U.S. Attorney's Office noted that Bonheur was Antoine’s trusted right-hand man and lived at the group's stash house, where they stored heroin, cocaine, and firearms.

It also housed women whom Bonheur and Antoine trafficked for commercial sex acts.

The pair also used the women to test new batches of heroin before selling to customers, according to the office.

Every day Bonheur and his co-conspirators sold drugs to a wide customer base between Brockton and the South Shore.

Bonheur also collected drug debts owed to the organization, and occasionally used violence to do so.

On one occasion in September 2015, just three weeks after he was released on bail for heroin possession, Bonheur lured a customer to Hyde Park, pretending he needed the victim to conduct counter-surveillance during a heroin deal.

Instead he shot and killed the victim with a handgun.

Afterwards, he and Antoine arranged the sale of the murder weapon, which was later intercepted by investigators.

Bonheur pleaded guilty to a variety of charges, including conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute at least one kilogram of heroin and cocaine, and multiple firearms charges including possessing a firearm in furtherance of a drug trafficking offense resulting in death.

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