There’s a new officer in town at the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office that is making a massive impact with his cute face and warm demeanor.

Chief the support dog has been in extensive training for months. He is officially ready to work full-time at the Children’s Advocacy Center of Bristol County with his handler from the DA’s office, making victims of abuse feel a little more comfortable during an incredibly tough time.

Chief the Support Dog

Chief is a young Black Lab that graduated from the training program at NEADS World Class Service Dogs, a nonprofit organization in Princeton. Assistance dogs like Chief are “purpose-bred” and specially chosen because of their calm demeanor and ability to work in a high-stress environment.

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Gregg Miliote, director of communications for the DA’s office, said Chief's handler completed the training as well, and the pair will work full-time at the Children’s Advocacy Center conducting forensic interviews with children who suffer from abuse and/or neglect.

How Chief Helps

“Through his training, Chief is able to sense if they are about to cry, and he will walk over, grab tissues and bring them over,” said Miliote. “Sometimes he will lay on them like a weighted blanket, other times he will just sit in front of them and lay his head on their lap.”

Chief has been with the center since March, getting acclimated, and he has already made a huge difference.

“He was just kind of walking around in the open spaces before, and he has already made a huge impact on the children,” said Miliote.

Success stories have already been reported, and now that Chief will be in the forensic interview process full-time, those success stories will continue to pour in.

Chief Will Help Put More Criminals in Jail

“These are kids that are coming in who have been abused, revealing traumatic experiences, and Chief sits in on those interviews to provide support, comfort and a sense of security,” said Miliote. “It’s great for the kids, but it’s also great for us because the more they open up, the stronger the prosecution is going to be. We’re going to have more convictions because of Chief.”

Miliote and the team at the center are thrilled with Chief's impact as he helps build stronger cases against those who harm children.

That’s a good boy right there.

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