"Entrepreneurship For All" is coming to the Southcoast. The announcement was made Friday at Blount Foods in Fall River.

E-For-All is about people offering ideas, and having a mechanism in place to refine those ideas through encouragement, mentoring and individual advisors.

Global entrepreneur Desh Deshpande founded the program in India, and now his foundation is working in Massachusetts to make it happen in Gateway Cities like New Bedford and Fall River.

"When people want to solve a problem and they do it on their own, it just changes the culture," says Deshpande. He adds, "people get hooked on the good feeling, and they don't want to go back and be a complainer any more."

The program is already up and running in Lawrence and Lowell.

It's funded through the Mass. Technology Council, which will provide $350,000 for the program here in New Bedford and Fall River. Officials expecte staff people to be onboard within the next few weeks.