Liz Murray was born to inspire others to overcome their adversities. Consider her own troubles. Both her parents were drug addicts. Her mother died of AIDS. She was homeless for years sleeping in the subways at night and living on the crazy streets during the day and she learned to forage for food and beg for money.

While homeless, her mother died. Liz decided to take back control of her life and managed to squeeze four years of high school into two, doing homework in the hallways and subway stations. She won a New York Times scholarship and other awards before entering Harvard and graduating. Breaking Night, urban slang for staying up through the night, until the sun rises, defines the strength of the human spirit and what it is capable of doing when you believe in yourself.

Our chat was nothing less than a reveal that all of us can overcome struggles. The empowerment we get from these life's lessons is the stuff moon walks and miracles are made from. I hope you enjoy our chat as much as I did.