There's an intimidating attitude by the undersecretary for climate change you must be warned about.

David Ismay of Gov. Charlie Baker's administration is seen, while at a closed-door virtual discussion with the Vermont Climate Council on January 25, forebodingly crying out that 60 percent of Massachusetts's emissions come from cars and heating homes. He said if the state is going to meet the challenge of zero emissions by 2050, three million homes must convert to clean energy, and five million vehicles on the roads must be completely replaced with zero-emission vehicles.

I'm guessing Ismay thinks we the people will gladly go into our weekly budget to bear all the expenses.

Who do you think Ismay was referring to when he said to put the screws on and break their will in order to get them to stop polluting the environment?

He probably wasn't planning for his remarks to cause a meltdown with Baker, but that's not as bad as the fallout that this will start on talk radio and with everyday working folks. I highly recommend that you watch the very short snippet here:

Huffishly, Ismay blabs, "We have to break your will. I can't even say that publicly."

Breaking the taxpayer's will isn't what the role of good government is all about. Breaking one's will gives rise to demeaning a person to come around to your way of thinking, and that's reprehensible.

Ismay has his head in the clouds because working families can't afford to apportion the high costs of this energy proposal, and I hope Gov. Baker either brings this guy back down to earth or gives him the boot.

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