We know that dogs need exercise like walks and a space to run in, but what about exercising their minds?

Brain Games for Puppies
Firefly Books

Animal behaviorist Claire Arrowsmith was with us recently to explain how mental challenges help to build a strong bond between a dog and its owner and prevent future behavioral problems. Playing games that use reward-based teaching methods provides motivation and establishes trust.

Brain Games for Puppies is about more than just fun ways to play with a puppy. The book opens with a review of equipment and the essential obedience commands -- Puppy Sit, Puppy Down and Puppy Come -- as well as information on dog senses, using treats, addressing problems and responding to mistakes, safety, and much more. It covers equipment and using a clicker and addresses such issues as When Can A Puppy Begin To Play?, How To Encourage Play Behavior, Problems During Brain Games, and Play No-No's!


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