We’ve all been annoyed by those fake Boston accents we hear actors and actresses trying to pull off all the time. Very few can pull it off, and most are downright insulting.

One casting company, though, is looking for the real deal for an upcoming shoot in Boston. So if you never pronounce your “Rs,” if you say “kid” at the end of most of your sentences, and you think it would be “wicked pissah” to see yourself on TV, this is the job for you.

Slate Casting posted to its Facebook page today that it is now casting for “Wicked Pissed-Off Bostonians” for a shoot in the Boston area later this month.

“Got the attitude? Got the accent? We want to hear from you!” the post reads.

It also states that no acting experience is necessary, because they “want the real deal.”

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The “real deal” is the realm of Slate Casting co-owner Ashley Skomurski, who handles casting for the “Real People” branch of Slate. In a video posted on the company’s website, she explained what her job entails.

“I get to cast real people – which everybody is a real person – but these are people who are not necessarily actors,” she said. “When our client is looking for something unique, maybe they have a specific job or they live in a specific area, or they have a really unique skill, we get to go out and find people who most likely have never done anything like this before for commercials or film projects.”

If you think you’re the perfect “Wicked Pissed-Off Bostonian,” you can email your photo, name, contact information and the city you live in to SlateRealPeopleCasting@gmail.com. A representative from Slate Casting told us that people should submit ASAP.

Slate has done “Real People Castings” for businesses such as Volkswagen USA, UnderArmour, Gatorade, JetBlue, Poland Springs and more. You can see some of the examples on their website.

Even if you’re not selected for this upcoming project, the company wants you to know they’re always looking for people, so your submission may turn into another potential opportunity down the line.

“We are constantly looking for people, and not necessarily trained professionals,” Skomurski said in the video. “We’re constantly looking for new people with exciting skills and talents, for various projects that we may have coming up or projects that we don’t even know about yet that could be right for you. We’re constantly building our database.”

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