It's one thing to try and prevent the spread of the coronavirus to your family but it is a crapshoot when you send your children to a public school in Boston.

According to the Boston Globe, the longstanding paper of record in the state of Massachusetts, the children who attend the Boston public schools are swimming in a petri dish of urine and other bodily fluids if they use the bathroom.

The Globe investigated the Boston public schools and found that 89 of the 111 public schools had health code violations according to city health inspectors. The paper says "city public health inspectors found problems – from non-flushable toilets to obnoxious odors – in 89 of 111 Boston Public School buildings they visited. A 2016 survey of more than 2,000 students, parents, and staff found that nearly two-thirds rated the district’s bathrooms as 'poor' or 'fair.'"

A lack of running water and hand soap were among the problems in the Boston school bathrooms.

If a parent were to not provide running water and soap for their children, it would rightfully be considered child neglect. It is institutional child neglect when the public schools deny soap and water to thousands of children year after year.

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