News organizations have limits on their resources, the same as any other business. The Boston Globe used valuable resources to take down Sen. Warren's campaign.

Massachusetts is still supporting two statewide locally-based newspapers. We have the center-right Boston Herald and the center-left Boston Globe. The Boston Herald has had a field day pointing out the failures of Democrat Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Now it is the Boston Globe's time to tear down the senior senator from its home state.

On Friday, May 10, the Globe ran a front-page story titled "Warren's Past Big Mass Donors Slow to Back Her Now," and every word past the headline made life even worse for her. Not only did they tear down Sen. Warren, but they also wrote about who her donors have chosen instead of her.

California Senator Kamala Harris is the big winner of this article that attempts to cast Warren as a loser.

The Globe did an analysis of donors who gave $1,000 or more to Warren's 2018 campaign for the Senate. According to their analysis, Warren is a loser.

In the second paragraph of the story, about as far as lots of people read articles (except you, you are the exception), the Globe highlights a $1000 donor to Warren who is now supporting Sen. Harris financially. The donor delivers the stiletto to Warren with this remark: "I see her as the more electable candidate."

Electability is a huge factor in any political race. The Democrats want to nominate a candidate who can rid the White House of Donald Trump. Here is a former supporter of Elizabeth Warren telling the world that she isn't as capable of beating Trump as Sen. Harris.

The article goes on to detail just how few people who supported Warren financially in her race for the Senate are now supporting her. I don't doubt the accuracy of the reporting at all.

The Boston Globe helped elect Warren to the Senate twice. But like many of the former donors to her campaign, they aren't with her in her quest for the Oval Office.

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