I've never been good at keeping secrets, tell me and I'll blab, that's just me! There is a secret that has been kept in Fall River for some time now and I feel it's my duty to let the cat out of the bag! The secret? Blount Clam Shack and Soup Store! Why haven't I found this before? Blount Clam Shack and Soup store is at 840 Bedford Street in Fall River, I stopped by on advice of a friend, I am glad I did. When I went in i was introduced to a soup store like I have never seen, they have a huge selection of soups,fresh and frozen.

I opted for the frozen I grabbed 6 different soups and brought them home. I grabbed some Clam Chowder, Chili, Fiesta Chicken, Kale Soup, one called Thanksgiving Everyday and a Butternut Squash & Apple soup. I haven't tried the last two but it wont be long until I do!

The first one we ate was the Chili, it was a Sunday while we were watching the Pat's game, I heated up the Chili and served the family each a bowl, they loved it! It was delicious, and everyone had seconds! The Fiesta Chicken made a great meal for the family a couple of day's later and most recently I had a couple of the guy's over and I heated up the Kale Soup. It was delicious, we ended up battling for the last bowl, they asked me for the recipe and I laughed and told them I bought it at Blount Clam Shack and Soup Store, guess what?They ended up going to Blount the next day and stocked their fridges.

Blount Clam Shack and Soup Store also serves up some great food as well, like a Giean Lobster Roll a unique Fish Reuben and Fish "Taco" Wrap and great lunch deals too. When I was at Blount I also learned that they make soup for restaurants around the area and some very famous chain restaurants! It is soup season and take my advice, hop in the car and head to Blount Clam Shack and Soup store and stock up! Blount is easy to get to, at 840 Bedford street in Fall River, 774-888-0050.

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