REPORT!!! Black Lives Matter de facto leader DeRay McKesson is living in new digs, far away from "the struggle". This would not be real news except, McKesson has no real income to explain the new address but at a closer look it becomes clear why and how he happened to land in this great property.



"Instead, he is living in a suburban Baltimore neighborhood of almost exclusively white people with million-dollar homes, far away from the urban strife of inner Baltimore. More alarming, however, DeRay is living in the home owned by a well placed executive in the George Soros labyrinth of organizations. DeRay’s address used on government filings puts his residence in a beautiful house owned by James and Robin Wood, the well-regarded society couple and philanthropists from Baltimore.

Part of the couple’s charitable giving has targeted Soros Open Society Institute, of which Robin is a board member and has served the Soros group since 2008.

DeRay’s house offers a generous circular driveway, fireplace, large deck and acres upon acres of open land behind the home. But is DeRay even paying rent? Not likely. - "


It is my intention to help people understand the real brains and agenda behind BLM.

Open Society Institute

In February 2002, Soros appointed former Bill Clinton administration official Morton Halperin to the post of OSI director. Halperin, whom some State Department officials suspected of being a communist agent,13 had been instrumental in derailing America's war effort during the Vietnam era, when President Johnson put him in charge of compiling a classified history of U.S. involvement in Southeast Asia. Halperin's labor ultimately bore fruit—in June 1971—with the publication of the notorious “Pentagon Papers.”14 Thereafter, Halperin went on to serve (from 1975-1992) as director of an ACLU project called the Center for National Security Studies, which sought to slash U.S. defense expenditures and undermine the nation's intelligence capabilities.15 In Target AmericaJames L. Tyson's 1981 exposé of the Soviet Union's elaborate “propaganda campaign designed to weaken and demoralize America from the inside”—the author stated:

Halperin … and his organizations have had a constant record of advocating the weakening of U.S. intelligence capabilities. His organizations are also notable for ignoring the activities of the KGB or any other foreign intelligence organization.... A balance sheet analysis of Halperin's writings and testimonies ... gives Halperin a score of 100% on the side of output favorable to the Communist line and 0% on any output opposed to the Communist line.”


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