There’s been a debate going on at the office about birthday parties for dogs and I am so Pro-Puppy-Party, it’s unreal.

I have actually been invited (and attended) more than one dog’s birthday party myself.

'Fenway' Rachael Dudek

Everyone loves a good party, and I will take any opportunity as an excuse to get together with my favorite people and pups, especially if it means good food and a reason to sip wine coolers poolside. So, if someone messages me about her dog’s first birthday party, I’m RSVPing and wrapping a rawhide bone as a present. Yes, I really did that.

'Ruby' Ana Roda-Fogarty

Photos and videos of dogs in party hats eating a specially-made cake have flooded my news-feed over the last few years. There’s a reason those kinds of posts go viral. They’re absolutely adorable and if it brings a smile to someone’s face, then just let it be.

'Athena' Laurey Michon Brown

Don’t ruin someone’s innocent fun and genuine love for their furry friend because you think it’s stupid. Guaranteed the dog loves the special attention, even if he or she has no idea what day it is. I mean, just look at this face!

'Fenway' Rachael Dudek